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Kyle Pickle
Born in United States
17 years
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Cynthia Jensen

It's such a tragedy to loose someone so young and loved by so many.  I remember Kyle while he attended Point Fermin Elementary.  I was one of the Noon Ades and always enjoyed seeing Kyle.  One day I took him aside and asked, "So, Kyle what's your nationality?"  He said, "I'm half white and half black."  And I said, "Well your parents made a beautiful child...and never forget that.  And one more thing, I wanted to tell you how much you remind me of my brother Eddie.  Eddie is a good brother and he was made to be a leader.  Just like you.  Some people are born to be followers and some are born to be leaders.  YOU were born to be a leader and what you say and do will influence everyone around you."  I had no idea how much of a leader he was until I saw ALL the people who attended his funeral.  I knew then that I was right about him.  He was a leader and he used his authority wisely, because I could tell by all those mourners how much of an impact he was on their lives.  I remember going to his mother's funeral and being there to support him.  I even risked my life after her funeral by climbing off the cliff with Kyle in my Roper boots.  I like to think that I gave him support on the most horrible day of his life and that he remembered all the positive things I ever told him.  I only wish I could have told him to be careful driving.  God only knows why he took him, but remember those he loved will see him again when it is their time to leave this cruel world.  God Bless his friends and family who miss him dearly.  It's been 2 yrs and I'm still shocked and sadden by his loss.  He would have made a wonderful leader, because he was a leader.  Photo is of myself (Ms Cynthia) and brothers Oscar and Eddie (on right). 

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