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Kyle Pickle
Born in United States
17 years
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Life story
January 3, 1989
Born in United States San Pedro on January 3, 1989.
July 25, 2003
When we went to my mom's cousins hotel party. My brother brought you there. We had so much fun just chillin. You were dancin with us. You were so embarrased. So cute I'll never forget that day.
July 25, 2003
i miss our days together. we all shared some good times together. you will never ever be are always in my heart
November 11, 2003
You and Devin always BBQ'n. We had some good times. Love Danielle
November 22, 2003
Our VEGAS trip. Me,You,Paul,Sheena,Trey,and Maurice. That was so fun. Our first trip together
December 25, 2003
Our Christmas we all spent together. You and your boys. They loved you so much and you loved them so much. They all miss you and it is so hard to go on without you. WE can't believe you are gone.
April 8, 2004
I have alot of memories with kyle but theres  one thing all never for get is when I first met him in football practice for tri-city and also the first time he ever came over my house for dinner and he met my mom step pops and my lil sister, we were sitten at the table and we were talking about everything and my mom was questioning'em about his life and all and we both couldn't stop laufhing and I thought it was weired how he eat each food at a time like first the rice, then salad then chiken it was pretty hilerious R.i.p Kyle Pickle 1 love best friend 4EVER...
May 1, 2004
ill never forget YOU, MY STAR ANGEL!!!
June 6, 2004
You, Paul, and Jay always in the pool. You boys were always playin in the pool. Doing jumps from the roof. You were all crazy! I am so glad you all had so much fun at our home. Love Danielle
October 31, 2004
remember our halloween. I was a nurse with a broken foot and you were a priest. We had so much fun with every body.
September 4, 2005
Hey baby's nat! This is the only flic we have of us together. I spent the entire weekend w/ ya'll. We went to Sue's co. picnic and ate hot dogs, rememer we took all that water home...Always looking for a way to come up! Make something outta nothing. Im glad we got to see the peakcoks that day, and smoked ur last Blunt w/ ya! I'll neva forget ya, Dawg!
December 31, 2005
New Years,member when we went to Cheescaje Factory?That was your very first time going out somewhere to celebrate new years. I LOVE YOU>
January 31, 2006
I am so glad my mom took that picture of us. We looked so good.
February 27, 2006
Remember when we went to dinner at Senfuku's for my mom's bday. And we made you try sushi,even tho you didn't want to but you ended up thinking it taste good. you were so funny. You were always open to new things. Then we came home and gave mom her present-the massage chair. You couldn't get off the thing. We took this pic with my camera phone but it didn't come out very well.oh well it looks ok. Love Danielle
March 14, 2006
we went to Best way on 2nd st. to buy some stuff for mom. Then you asked to but jalapeno's and mozzarella so we can make jalepeno poppers. Those were the best. "kyle Poppers" you were always cooking.You lovedto make your own creations.the day before you made me, gary, and devin that chicken chow mein. That was so good too. I miss your cooking.
March 17, 2006
Me, you and Widd stayed home and celebrated St.Patricks Day and lit fireworks. That was fun. That night was the last movie we watched together- Bonnie and Clyde.
March 18, 2006
Passed away on March 18, 2006 at the age of 17.
March 18, 2006
Hey remember me, you and natalie went to the beach and walked on the pier.It was so cold we had to leave.Then on the way back we saw some peacocks(Nat's first time).That was so funny.We were supposed to go for a ride in my bro's car but ended up watching movies with paul. Then we ate my mom's soup but you only liked the broth not the veggies. Then we went out that horrible night. I am so sorry. We should've never went out. We always used t stay home. Why oh why did we leave????? Love Danielle
March 18, 2006
Kyle I'll never forget thevery last time I saw u right before u & everybody were leaving you said I'll see you bro & gave me hug & shaked hands. From Widd
March 28, 2006 in a file,only knew him awhile.Always threw up a great smile.Yet still remembered from the pedro harbor to the south OC,he now made me see that things come & go but never forgotten. Always remembered the last time was in December that I remember much to clearly but now severely w/ a pain of discomfort. But a file can always be accessed like taxes from a previous year never to dissappear into the clear in lac ridin with pac lightin,the sac or with biggie puttin down the juice,Kyle did have the juice like bishop playin the starting role he always stood tall with no doubts to fall at all,loved to play ball.So I hope as I am writing,you will be brightening my days that follow & keep me from hollow feelings that belong in the ceilings where I stare in dispare wondering where it is you have gone,while I sing along to the slurp of my bong & then it all hurts me another thugg angel to pray upon it makes me feel strong.So know that you are a saint,keep us all from faint and weak decisions.Be part of our intuitions,help guide the way so together we stay.I'll always pray.Gone but never forgotten.R.I.P Kyle AMEN GEO
April 4, 2006
Here babe, here is an angel bracelet for you from me. I know you don't need protection because you are with your parents but I still wanted to give you a little something.
April 4, 2006
Things wings are for you. I was your earth angel. Now you are my star angel.I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU SO MUCH BABY BOY!!!!! Watch over us.
May 18, 2006
After contemplating for weeks and after hearing numerous rumors and 
unanswered questions about what happened the night of March 18, 2006.
This was written to help with answering those questions the night Kyle was
sent home, a night that would change so many lives forever.Upset by our loss,
while dealing with our own aches and pains we each became furious while
reporters chalked up this accident to be another drinking and driving case,
when clearly we all knew that it wasn't. So we share our story to remind
everyone, teen or adult that life is short, remember to make your family proud,
share your love and express it everyday because as we know, the next day
 is not promised. Value your life, and the people around you.
March 18th was just another sunny breezy Saturday in Pedro spent driving 
along the coast with a close friend that never experienced the simple things
that Pedro has to offer. Stopping for a quick minute at the nearby pier,
dressed in only basketball shorts and his notorious white tee, Kyle pulled
his arms in his shirt shivering from the cold ocean breeze and began to walk
down the pier in pure happiness, yelling, "come on guys, let's go down
further". Chilly by the breeze we stopped in our paths quickly and began
back to the car. He was so happy to share what he knew best, the Pedro
shoreline. We spent the next half hour watching peacocks with a  huge smile
lit on his face he pointed, and yelled out, "look, look at that one, did you see
his feathers, did you see how big that one was?" He was so excited going
street to street so we could see them all. The rest of the afternoon was spent
hanging out at the house, watching movies and eating good food.
Later on in the evening two of Kyle's other close friends arrived at the house, 
the four boys involved went to San Pedro high school and played tri-city
football together since they were young boys. They grew up like family and
always will be. We then got a phone call to attend a party, hesitant at first,
being content in our surroundings, we all piled in the black Lexus arriving at
a house party around 10PM, located in the hills of Palos Verdes. Enjoying
everyone's company, hanging out, enjoying life, laughing, and smiling, we
embraced and most of all shared a special respect for one another. All 6 of
us had a bond and an irreplaceable link to one another in some shape or
form, we all shared a deep history with each other, and anyway you slice it,
we would never harm one another and always had each others back. The
crowd began to grow and the owner of the house was getting uneasy with all
the traffic so we were asked to leave at once. A little upset and only being
there for 30 minutes, we all piled back in the car. Kyle hopping in the driver
seat,we began our drive to what we thought was going to be home. Kyle
insisted on driving, knowing Kyle was not drunk, we trusted his decision to
drive. With the front seat passenger being a Mother of three, she reminded
Kyle to drive slowly through the curvy streets of Palos Verdes. Of course
respecting her wishes and being protective of all of his closest friend's safety,
he drove 30 miles an hour, we made sure he stayed at that speed and he did
not swerve once, even through the winding hills of Miraleste. While following
cars piled up behind due to his slow speed the cars began to get impatient and
began to honk. Not caring about the other cars anger, he remained driving safe
all through Palos Verdes. At the end of the hill,we ended at Western where
the turning lane finally divided into two lanes. That is when the white Toyota
Corolla behind, who remains unknown, swerved from behind us, overtaking
us and cutting us off. Kyle, speeding up with the pace of traffic made some
quick turns and hit the storm drains located on Western Ave. The majority
of us are aware of those storm drains that cause your car to dip every time
you ride over them. That is when we suddenly lost control of the car, going
no more then 50 miles per hour. These drains have to be fixed. A petition is
possibly being created presently by one of the local neighbors who witnessed
many accidents caused by these drains. Although most of us were
unconscious for the entire course of the accident and didn't see impact, the
events that led up to the accident are clear. He was not drunk, we all were
not drunk, and he managed to safely get us out of the hills of Palos Verdes at
a low speed. We mourn for Kyle daily, and remember his smile and
everything about him daily. We'll never forget all our own personal memories
we have about him and we'll always keep his spirit alive, through his music
and through his memories that we can all share. Thank you for hearing
our side of the story. No one knows why this accident happened or why he
was chosen to leave our lives so early. There isn't anything or anyone that can
control Kyle's fate or any single person's fate for that matter. Whatever faith
you believe in, I know you believe he is safe, safer then he has ever been.
We love you Kyle, our heart, our best friend, and now our angel in the stars.
Watch over us in the Mansion of Heaven.
Also, if you attended the party that evening or know any information about 
the white Toyota Corolla that was following us or any information regarding
this accident, please contact the Daily Breeze or your local police with any
information. Thank you.
Take Care.


The Survivors